Chris Fata  hails from Fall River, Massachusetts, where at a young age he became fascinated with filmmaking. At eight years old he began making faux movie cameras out of old shoe boxes and boom mics from mop-handles, which he used to shoot epic pretend productions with his friends. Though he couldn’t watch those self-made “movies,” it was the act of making them that Chris fell in love with.

Chris is inspired by the humor in everyday situations that we can all relate to.  He approaches his work in a way that follows his individual connection to the subject at hand.  He strives to accomplish an end product that although is relatable, provides a different and memorable spin on the subject, and hopefully makes people laugh.

Chris believes in the team effort and trust required during filmmaking: “Directing and leading a creative team is an indescribable feeling. It’s a buzz within that resonates for days after the shoot.” He has a strong interest in acting methods, which he draws on as he helps his cast achieve their best performance.

He was chosen as one of the directors to watch in Shoot Magazine's 9th Annual New Directors Showcase. Chris holds a BFA in filmmaking from the Massachusetts College of Art.